Secure Health 3000 is GuideStone’s lowest-cost health plan.

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You asked for a lower-cost alternative and we delivered!

GuideStone’s Secure Health 3000 is true medical coverage offering protection from high-dollar claims at our lowest monthly cost. To achieve this balance, the plan has a unique benefit structure that’s perfect for some, but not right for everyone.

Secure Health 3000 is designed for groups with two to 14 employees, so review the benefits and limitations below to see if it’s a good fit for your ministry. 

If your ministry has 15 or more employees, we have lower-cost options for you too! Request the information below and a GuideStone® representative will tell you more.

Secure Health 3000 benefits

  • Preventive care and Affordable Care Act (ACA) preventive medications at no cost*
  • Primary care visits with no co-pay
  • Telemedicine visits with no co-pay
  • Nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield network access
  • Outpatient services and outpatient surgery
  • Hospital inpatient including maternity
  • Emergency room services
  • Maximum out-of-pocket plan design
  • Monthly costs that can be paid with pretax earnings

For a comprehensive list of plan benefits see the Secure Health 3000 Product Guide for Group Plans.

* ACA preventive medications covered per Preventive Care Schedule.


Some exclusions for Secure Health 3000 include:

  • Out-of-network coverage**
  • Prescription drug coverage*
  • Mental health and substance abuse coverage
  • Chiropractic care
  • Autism-specific therapy and treatment
  • Infertility testing, counseling and treatment
For a comprehensive list of exclusions please see the Secure Health 3000 Plan Document.


* ACA preventive medications covered per Preventive Care Schedule.

** Emergency care covered (deductible and co-insurance apply).

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