Our newest and lowest-cost plan offers true medical coverage from an organization you trust and a network you know.

Secure Health 3000 health plan offers quality medical coverage at significantly lower monthly costs.

You asked for a lower-cost alternative and we delivered!

GuideStone’s newest and lowest-cost plan, Secure Health 3000, can be the right choice for healthy individuals and families looking for a more budget-minded plan that comes with the security of true medical coverage.

To achieve this balance, Secure Health 3000 has a unique benefit structure that allows you to pay significantly less than you would for a comprehensive plan.

With Secure Health 3000 you’ll get:

  • Preventive care benefits at no cost to you
  • Primary care and telemedicine visits with no co-pay
  • Nationwide Blue Cross Blue Shield network access
  • Prenatal and maternity benefits
  • Emergency room services
  • Maximum out-of-pocket limits that protect your financial exposure
  • Monthly costs that can be paid with pretax earnings
  • Health Care Tools and additional benefits to save you money
  • And much more

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GuideStone offers more than 25 group health plans designed specifically for ministries. See which one meets your needs and fits your budget.

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